1. SSST was written by members of the Compuserve Science Fiction and Fantasy forum. Prior to the Internet boom, Compuserve was about all we had.
  2. The "DSPSG" mentioned in the story was the "Disgusting Slobbering Patrick Stewart Groupies," a loose confederation of female Trek fans on Compuserve who swooned over the actor.
  3. The "Picard Maneuver" or "PM" was the periodic adjustment Captain Picard made to his uniform. It consists of grasping the coverall on both sides at the waist and jerking it downward.
  4. The "EG" was the Enigmatic Gesture. It's described in the official printout as "a gesture resembling shooting an imaginary rubber band. Usually accompanies the command 'Engage'." (thanks to Dave Lambert for the information)
  5. "SIG" stands for "Special Interest Group." Star Trek discussions were held in the Star Trek SIG of the CompuServe SciFi Forum.
  6. The "humanoid male in a wheelchair with a rabbit, a gopher, and a penguin shouting, 'AHEAD WARP ZILLION!!!!!!!!!!!'" refers to a wheelchair-bound Trekkie who was in the comic strip "Bloom County."
  7. The original SSST pages were produced by using Optical Character Recognition on a scanned hard copy. I have not edited the document other than to correct the OCR errors.

Remember David Gerrold telling his "penguin joke" in about six different installments? Remember Ron Moore and Michael Okuda hanging out with us? Ah yes, those were the days...

The following information comes from David Lambert:

SSST was produced from July 23 1989 through August 21 1989. Valerie, Delia, and Barb started it innocently, and it took off. I actualy started hanging out at HOM9's Section 2 after that, but it was still floating around and the people involved (I think it was Marilyn) was nice enough to send me an official printout. I tried to participate in SSST2 and tried to champion SSST3, but both fell rather flat and were abandoned. Hard to capture lightening in a bottle twice.

Yes, you may quote everything except my city and e-mail address. If you want to publish the site I help at, I'm sure the site owner will be thrilled for the "publicity". (Dave's site is

But yes, go ahead and publish everything else. That's fine.

If you REALLY want, I have the files for SSST2 (which I didn't participate in after all, as my name is absent from the file now that I look at it), SSST3, and the "filks" (made-up spoof lyrics sung to the tune of known songs) that accompanied SSST1. Each is in one MS Word .doc file and is pretty much in their final edited form. I admit, as the editor of SSST3, that it sucked badly.

But let's talk about that more after we see the fallout from publishing what I already stated. I'll be fascinated to see if any of the other folk from that era pop out of the woodwork! I know where I can locate the section moderator, Jim Shaun Lyon, but he never responded to my two attempts to say "hi". Maybe the mail didn't reach him, or he forgot who I am.

As promised, here are the other Sweet Savage Star Trek files. Each are in an MS Word ".doc" format; if you need help with them please let me know. They are:

1) "Filks" for SSST1 (lyrics made up by the CompuServe forum members, sung to tunes that are fairly well known)

2) SSST2 (the second pot-luck story)

3) SSST3 (the third, disastrous pot-luck story, unexpertly edited by myself unfortunately)

We did these for fun. We didn't ever expect anyone to make a profit off of them, so I'm glad to see you are keeping these alive with freely distributable access. I can't speak for any of the other SSST "authors", but I certainly don't object. I hope your site members enjoy them all (but the first 4-part one is undeniably the best!).